ACCU Group Training Course 2023

ACCU Group Training Course on Conservation and Management of Wooden Built Heritage has been completed


From 10 August to 21 September, 15 young heritage professionals from 14 countries of the Asia-Pacific region attended the intensive training course in Conservation and Management of Wooden built heritage, held online and on-site in Nara. After three years of hiatus, ACCU hosted the participants in Nara to share the knowledge and characteristics of architectural preservation in Japan for both - individual wooden structures and historical districts.

It was an incredible journey from classroom discussions to on-site work sessions and study tours across the country. Participants worked individually and in groups to survey the wooden structures for damage, formulated repair plans, experienced the use of traditional carpentry tools, learned diverse cultural expressions in architectural preservation and created bonds that we hope will never break.

ACCU is grateful to all participants for their hard work and remarkable performance during the training period. We believe that they can draw lessons from Japan's experiences in order to advance the protection and preservation of the wooden built heritage in their home countries.