Regional Workshop 2023

Group Photo (WS2023) On-site training in Tamansari Group Discussion

Workshop for Cultural Heritage Protection 2023 in Indonesia


A six-day Cultural Heritage Workshop on Disaster Risk Management for Cultural Heritage was held in Yogyakarta, Republic of Indonesia, from 16-21 October.

Eighteen cultural heritage specialists from different regions of Indonesia and affiliated with relevant Indonesian Government agencies gathered in Yogyakarta to gain a new understanding of the cultural heritage attributes and values and define the hazards and their potential impact on each surveyed area. They then discussed the disaster mitigation plans and strategies.

Indonesia lies on the Ring of Fire and is one of the most disaster-prone areas in the world. This calls for strengthened preparedness to protect heritage from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and resulting fires. The participants, who came from all over the country, are expected to play an active role in managing disaster risks for cultural heritage in their respective regions with the knowledge they acquired during this workshop.

Yogyakarta just a couple of weeks ago became a world heritage for being an exceptional testimony to Javanese civilization and culture.