ACCU International Symposium 2023

ACCU International Symposium 2023 was held in Nara


On 13 and 14 December, the ACCU International Symposium 2023 ""Disaster Risk Management for Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region - Current State and Issues (3): Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness for Resilience Building"" was held at the Nara Prefectural Convention Centre.

This year marked the third and concluding year of the series of symposiums held under the topic DRM for cultural heritage, which has been ongoing since 2021. After two years of online conferences, this year's symposium was held on-site in Nara and brought together the leading heritage professionals from Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal and ICCROM to discuss the current approaches and share experiences on how heritage can be better protected from disasters while also contributing to the resilience of societies.

On 15 December the panellists visited the Imai-cho Preservation District in Kashihara city and learned about the townscape preservation initiatives, including the disaster risk reduction efforts involving the local communities.
In the afternoon, symposium participants observed the Nara Prefecture Historical and Artistic Culture Complex.
Guided tour by the curators provided a unique opportunity to get very close to and examine the extraordinarily detailed conservation techniques of cultural properties.

ACCU Nara would like to thank all panellists, as well as the guest speakers and observers for joining the sessions and for valuable contributions that enriched the discussions on disaster mitigation for heritage and communities.